MARCH 2011


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    This is Siberian Husky’s brand new sketch extravaganza Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope is playing at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Presented in Quadraphonic surround sound, This is Siberian Husky give you sound comedy through coloured glass.

    Read a review of Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope from the Herald Sun here. “mad, ridiculous and sadistic – off-beat comedy at its best.”

    Read a review of Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope from RHUM here.  “Brilliant.”

    TISH and Anyone for Tennis get blog all over them in Lou Sanz’s Blatantly Bias Guide to MICF. Read interview here.

    And Lou Pardi indulges the tall one in an exercise in vanity. Here’s the bloody link…

    Whilst the shorter of the two expresses some of their musings here.

    Prepare yourselves by listening to the Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope promo EP. Plug in a good set of headphones and get sonic…

    Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope EP