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    The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is over for another year, which means TISH can put to rest this bloody comedy nonsense for a while and concentrate on producing our ballet ‘The Nordic Goat Herder’. Frankly, we’re having trouble finding dancers to play the goats. We’ve been in discussions with a few dance companies, but I don’t think they’re taking us very seriously. Fuckers. What have you got to do? What have you got to do…

    While we get ‘De Nordiske Goat Herder’ on its feet, we’ll be throwing up more audio and going into the studio to record an album version of Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope. We’ll also be posting the angry letters we send to dance troupes. Seriously, it’s a simple tale of a Scandinavian man who likes to herd goats. What’s there not to like?! Pretentious wankers…


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