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    Master - colThe Melbourne International Comedy Festival opens tonight! For the comedians, four weeks of poor nutrition and alcohol poisoning awaits. But for the punters, laughs, good times and alcohol poisoning awaits!

    This is Siberian Husky – The Misery Factory opens 28th March at 6pm at the Forum Theatre. We hope to see you there for some brazen silliness! Have a great festival and if you see a comedian lying on the street, empty whiskey bottle in hand, please, throw your coat over them and run.

    The Misery Factory
    March 28 – April 7, 6pm Forum Theatre, Pizza Room

    April 11 – 20, 10.45pm Tuxedo Cat
    Tickets from ticketmaster 

    This Is Siberian Husky get the hydraulics pumping in their latest sketch comedy meets twisted narrative tale – THE MISERY FACTORY, an industrially absurd voyage set in an outlandish, dystopian realm where unhappiness and disaster come packaged and sold neatly shrink-wrapped.

    The Misery Factory Trailer

    This is Siberian Husky The Misery Factory MICF 4mb


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