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    The Earth is Flat


    The Melbourne Comedy Festival is almost upon us once again. And while Dan (the very short one) is still in the United States entering church bake-offs, Simon (the moderately tall one), will be flying solo for MICF ’14.

    His show  is called The Earth is Flat. It’s a one man narrative show, where that bloody show-off talks to himself in silly voices for 50 minutes. But what’s it about? Here’s the spiel:

    One man. Many characters. One epic tale…A medieval cardinal hatches a dastardly plot to convince humanity the Earth is flat. The key to his plan: Clive Palmer. Only the janitor at the Melbourne Museum stands in their way. A story of power, redemption and a big drill. This is Siberian Husky’s Simon Godfrey weaves together a host of characters into a tapestry of absurdity.

    Hmm, intriguing! Hope to see y’all there.

    The festival website is live, have a look here

    Tickets on sale here

    And follow the show on facebook here

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